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Olakunle Ogunjobi is the founder and technical director of RandomSoft Limited. After learning mechanical engineering at the Yaba College Of Technology, he has 12 years of experience in the industry as both print engineer and marketer. As an engineer he has worked on Heidelberg Computer To Film, Computer To Plate, and ECRM pre-press machines. He is also the ONLY technically qualified Kodak certified Digital machine engineer in the country. Having worked on the Nexpress Digimaster series with over 8 years of experience, and is currently working on the Nexpress SX2700 digital color production press.

Rotimi Orimoloye joined Kunle as a Partner in 2007. He has a background in Advertising & PR from the University of Lagos. He also went out of his core curriculum to take several Cognitive & Developmental Psychology classes to boost his knowledge of persuasion in marketing. With 6 years of marketing the Kodak Nexpress Digital Color Production Press, Rotimi has come up with what he calls the Nex-Gen Print Marketing model that fits into every future proof marketing plan, alongside other optional capabilities, like Guerilla Tactics, Digital Marketing and ZMOT Strategy. He is also a Digital (Web) Marketing Strategist, Search Engine Optimizer (SEO) and Blogger with a hobby in writing short screenplays and synopsis for movies.



To dictate the direction of printing in Africa.




To guarantee true value and a clear advantage for both print buyer and print provider, through research and ever-green marketing techniques for existing and emerging print applications.







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