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RandomSoft Limited is a digital print support services provider. It also deals in sales, maintenance and repairs of digital printing presses, CTP pre-press machines and other types of commercial printing press equipment. On the business aspect of our services, we at RandomSoft Limited have spent more than six years working on various strategies to incorporate high quality digital printed materials into existing marketing and promotional campaign strategies in such a way as to multiply the overall value of such campaigns as they are executed. Understanding the peculiarities of Nigerian and other West African markets is key to our embracing the fact that printed documents are STILL a relevant and perhaps even more effective form of marketing communications as television, internet and mobile marketing are.


We have a two pronged business design. On the one hand we serve the interest of print vendors by providing the very best options in digital presses & CTP solutions with their consumables to achieve the very best services in terms of the quality of the prints and the speed of getting them ready for their customers. We also serve the interest of print consumers (whether every day users, or even branding/advertising firms). We give expert advice on how to get the highest value from your printed documents, or to help you decide the best kind of printed collateral to use for each purpose you hope to achieve.









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